Broker comparison Germany

Stock investing requires a securities dealer, often simply called a broker, online broker or discount broker. Here we help you select one for yourself.

German brokers sometimes have large cost differences between one another. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the different offers available to you. However, it can happen that you are overwhelmed with the many possibilities available to you. Many German brokers have complicated cost models, but most of the time they only make a difference when you are a pro traders (several trades per day).

German investors who use the Obermatt investment method have it easier because they only buy new stocks a few times a year. If you only trade a few times a year, choosing a broker in Germany doesn't look so complicated anymore.

How to use broker comparisons

On the German website, you can compare all German brokers by entering your personalized details on the homepage (German only). Here you fill in the data "Durchschnittl. Ordervolumen in € " (average order volume), " Durchschnittl. Depotvolumen in €" (average deposit volume), " Anzahl Order / Jahr" (number of orders per year) and "Anteil Order über Internet" (percentage of orders conducted over the internet). These four values are enough to start your comparison.

Is a broker the right one in the long run?

What you have to bear in mind when making this selection is that a portfolio can increase in value over the years and the number of transactions can also increase. Therefore it is worthwhile to do a second or third query to see what the prices look like in the future, i.e. whether the broker is still cheap even if the portfolio and the activities have grown.

Are there any differences in terms of international exchanges and stock coverage?

Most German brokers provide all the most relevant international stock exchanges and thus have similar service offerings. Therefore, the choice of broker is not particularly important in this regard. There are some brokers who offer a wider range of stock exchanges, but this is mostly not particularly important for the occasional investor.

So, which brokers do we suggest?

We have calculated the costs of the various German brokers using typical investor profiles at and come to the conclusion that you are on the right track with any of these brokers:

onvista bank

Unfortunately, Degiro does not have a German license, but is regulated in the Netherlands.

Which broker we recommend?

Our recommendation is simple. From the brokers mentioned above, all are possible. You can enter your specific data yourself at onlinebrokervergleich and see which broker suits you best, you can hardly make a wrong choice.

However, you can also simply select one of the brokers listed here because the differences are not particularly large and the prices can always change in the future anyway.