February 8, 2024

The best performer in the medical equipment field: Drägerwerk

The best performer in the medical equipment field: Drägerwerk

Quick Facts


  • 100 out of 100. There’s no stronger 360° View. All ranks are set to green, which means that the company is well-positioned, performing well and has good growth potential 
  • Diversified product portfolio 
  • They are experts in specific industry segments like anesthesia, respiratory care, and critical care but are also active in other areas


  • Low Revenue Growth rank ❌
  • Highly competitive market - Dräger needs to maintain its competitive edge ❌
  • The industry is subject to various regulations and changes to the regulations may make the market volatile and affect product sales ❌

It’s been quite some time already since we’ve last added to our Europe Value Wikifolio. This week, however, we’re very excited about Drägerwerk, a German producer of medical equipment - primarily breathing and protection equipment, gas systems and life support systems and technologies.

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A surprisingly strong 360° View of 100 means that Drägerwerk is a leader in its field. It is currently the best ranked company overall out of all the companies working in the field of medical equipment production in Europe. Taking into account Dräger’s product portfolio, which is quite diversified, and the fact that the global market for medical technology and equipment is expected to grow steadily in coming years, we believe that the company has a good growth potential. The Obermatt Growth Rank of 83 also supports this claim. On top of that, the Value Rank of 99 says that the stock price is attractively valued.

Drägerwerk is known for its commitment to innovation and quality, reflected in their high-quality products and strong brand reputation. It is a well-known name among medical institutions and professionals, which translates to sustained and growing demand for their products, a strong track record of financial performance with positive earnings and a healthy balance sheet. Furthermore, its expertise in specific industry segments like anesthesia, respiratory care, and critical care provides a competitive advantage in tailored solutions.

A low Revenue Growth rank of 16 says a bit about the possible downsides, though: Dräger may lag behind some of its peers when it comes to revenue growth. On top of that, the medical technology and safety equipment industries are highly competitive and all the players there need to maintain their competitive and innovative edge.

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