February 1, 2024

The index is better heard with Sonova

The index is better heard with Sonova

Quick Facts

  • 260 shares (approximately 71,600 CHF) shares of Sonova were added to OMSP1
  • Obermatt 360° View rank of 73 means that the company has better overall performance than 73% of its competitors. Its Sentiment rank is at a healthy 83.


  • Sonova is a global leader in hearing healthcare equipment, present in more than 100 countries
  • The global market is expected to grow by 6-7% over the next five years
  • Sonova has a strong future growth outlook


  • Sonova's stock price has been volatile in recent years. Investors should be prepared for the possibility of significant price swings ❌
  • Regulatory risk: The hearing healthcare industry is subject to a number of regulations, and changes in these regulations could impact Sonova's business. For example, changes in reimbursement rates could make it more difficult for Sonova to sell its products ❌

The end of January saw yet another change to the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index: Sonova was added due to its strong Obermatt 360° View and overall performance. At the same time, Holcim was removed from the index as their 360° View was only 20 at the time of the analysis.

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Sonova is a global leader in hearing care innovation, with a portfolio of advanced hearing aids, cochlear implants, and wireless connectivity. As the global population is aging and there are more and more cases of noise-induced hearing loss, this now leads to a growing need for hearing aids and other hearing healthcare solutions. The hearing healthcare market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6%-7% over the next five years globally.

The 360° View of 73 means that the company has an overall better performance than 73% of its direct European counterparts. Sentiment Rank of 81 helped there - this means that the company has very good market and professional opinions. Sonova had strong financial performance and a solid financial growth over the past years, and the Obermatt Growth Rank of 75 confirms that.

Even though earnings declined last year, future growth seems promising, as Sonova is looking to expand into emerging markets, with their growing network of sales partners currently operating in more than 100 countries. Also, they are considering venturing into telemedicine and hearing apps. Sonova’s annual earnings are forecast to grow faster than the Swiss market.

As Sonova is a well-known and respected brand and their innovative technologies already improve the hearing of millions of people worldwide, we’re happy to have them in the Swiss Pearls portfolio. Read more about the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index and find out how you can invest and benefit from the Obermatt Method yourself here.

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