January 18, 2024

Sensors for the Wikifolio: Inficon

Sensors for the Wikifolio: Inficon

Have you ever wondered how different sensors work? If you’re looking for an explanation, we can't really deliver one. But, if you’d like to invest in a solid company that measures and manages them, then keep on reading, as we’re covering yet another addition to the Obermatt Swiss Value Wikifolio: Inficon.

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With an interesting array of products that have a wide variety of uses, such as gas analysis and measurement instruments, leak detection systems, different sensor technologies and software that controls all that, Inficon have positioned themselves among the leaders in this area. For example, they are a leading provider of sensor equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Even though it’s a medium sized company according to the Obermatt size classification, they have production sites around the world and sales operations in more than 80 countries.

By looking at Inficon’s Obermatt ranks, we see that the company is on the pricier side when compared to its direct competitors, as its Value Rank is in the red, which means that their shares are more expensive than those of most competitors. A Sentiment Rank of 77 tells us that the analysts and the market think positively of the company and its future. Quite strong Growth and Safety ranks helped us cement the decision to buy.

Possible Pro and Con points to consider
A specific industry with not many competitors, high quality products and wide variety of uses
Solid Obermatt ranks, especially Sentiment
Medium-sized company by the Obermatt size classification ❌
A low Value Rank means that it may be overpriced currently ❌

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