January 11, 2024

Our Wikifolio gets connected with Huber+Suhner

Our Wikifolio gets connected with Huber+Suhner

The need for connectivity has become one of the most basic human needs worldwide. Internet, media, electricity - the things we consume daily and which are the backbone of the different sectors of society. The most important part of the chain that drives all this is quite an obvious one: a cable. This is where the latest addition to our Swiss Value Wikifolio comes in. Huber+Suhner, a Swiss cable and comms systems manufacturer.

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Some would say that this isn’t the most interesting industry in which to invest. While that may be true to some extent, it is fairly safe and future proof. On top of that, Huber+Suhner currently has an Obermatt Safety rank of 100, which makes it the most safely financed company out of all of its competitors covered by us in the same market.

We don’t think that the wiring industry is boring, though. For example, Huber+Suhner produces wires and cables for different industries and thus utilizes different state of the art and innovative materials. Furthermore, components for railways and road transportation that enable autonomous driving and traffic control make this an interesting field.

Its excellent Obermatt Safety Rank aside: Huber+Suhner’s 360° View is at around 40 - solely because the company hasn’t had much growth recently (specifically capital growth) and its Growth Rank is among the worst in the industry. On the other hand, their Market Pulse Rank is very high at 89, which means that the news on the company is mostly positive and the issues will probably resolve in the near future. This helped us shape our buy decision.

Possible Pro and Con points to consider
A very high Safety Rank
Interesting and safe industry with innovative, yet basic products applicable across different industries and retail uses
Strong Market Pulse
Very low Growth Rank, specifically the Capital Growth ❌

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