December 28, 2023

Bachem for innovative pharmaceuticals

Bachem for innovative pharmaceuticals

Our Swiss Value Wikifolio is going strong into 2024 with new additions. One of them is Bachem: a Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical company.

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In the realm of healthcare, emerging therapies like peptide and oligonucleotide therapeutics (TIDES) are gaining significant traction due to their potential to address complex and challenging medical conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases, respiratory disorders like asthma and many types of cancer. This is where Bachem steps in with their state-of-the-art production methods and facilities.

With their latest plant in Bubendorf about to be up and running, together with land purchased in Eiken, Bachem’s production volume looks set to accommodate the growing demand. Recently, they signed a contract worth 500 million CHF for supplying peptides.

Looking at their Obermatt financial ranks - Growth at 83, Safety at 98 and the Combined rank at an impressive 100 - we believe that their financial performance is better than most of their European competitors, which makes it a solid addition to our Wikifolio. The 360° View of 82 helped shape the final decision.

A side note: Peter Grogg holds almost 60% of the company's shares, which means that this one investor exercises most of the decision-making power over the company's future.

Possible Pro and Con points to consider
Strong Obermatt Ranks
Good growth potential
Innovative therapies that are gaining traction produced at Bachem
Medium sized company by Obermatt size classification, which might make a riskier investment ❌
Most of the company’s shares are owned by a single insider investor ❌

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