June 15, 2023

News at Obermatt: New in-depth, behind the numbers analysis

News at Obermatt: New in-depth, behind the numbers analysis

We’re proud to bring you new, in-depth analysis for each of the more than 6,500 stocks we cover with our research. You can now read about the dynamics behind the ranks: what each metric represents and how to interpret them in combination with other numbers.

What does it mean if one of the ranks is low, and another one is high? What happens when one metric is pulling all the others in one direction? Find out by searching for a company, as all of our users can benefit from this additional analysis. On top of that, Obermatt Premium users also get detailed analysis for our 360° View and the Sentiment ranks.

Even though ChatGPT and other algorithms based on artificial intelligence are now all the rage, our research is based on our 20+ years of experience. We stand behind it as experienced analysts, investors and human beings.

We buy the stocks we discuss and openly publish the returns of our portfolio. That's how much we believe in our stock research. Subscribe to the top 10 stocks for 100 markets conveniently by e-mail.

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