March 9, 2023

Richemont: luxury with good 360° View

Richemont: luxury with good 360° View

Not long after Obermatt introduced the new 360° View that takes into account not only the financial performance but also the sentiment of analysts in the market, we now use it daily - especially for finding new investment opportunities.

The guests of Obermatt Zoom Coffee Break stock discussions have also adopted the new rank as their primary orientation because it conveys a complete investment rationale. This week, our investors have decided to buy Richemont for the Obermatt Swiss Value Wikifolio.

Even though luxury items alone can be considered an investment, we don’t have many luxury goods companies in our portfolios. When we look at Richemont’s ranks, we instantly see that its 360° View is dark green at 82, which means that its overall performance is better than 82% of similar companies, and find this a good enough reason to trust this investment decision.

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