May 5, 2022

Obermatt Stock Search delivers facts, not decisions

Obermatt doesn’t make investing decisions for you - Obermatt makes facts transparent and easily understandable as Dr. Hermann Stern explained in our weekly coffee chat Stock discussion on 29th of April.

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How do you benefit by using the Obermatt Stock Search? Obermatt makes financial facts transparent. Obermatt doesn’t make recommendations! For instance: Obermatt tells you whether the current stock price is higher or lower than that of similar other companies.

That’s not yet a recommendation to buy! It’s a representation of facts.

Whether a stock goes up or down after you purchase it, is “the market’s decision” which you most probably can’t predict. What you can do is investigate further into the company and decide for yourself if the market has appreciated the company enough and if it is correctly valued. The Obermatt ranks help you understand the financial facts of the company quickly so that you can relate it to what you know about the company.

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