April 14, 2022

ABB for Obermatt Wikifolio: transparent, cheap and future-proof

Our subscribers have started a Wikifolio in order to benchmark the Obermatt method of the value investment strategy and maintain it by participating in our coffee chat online stock discussions. 25th of March was the time to select the next stock and the topic was ABB - a Swedish-Swiss machine producer.

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ABB has great investor communication: they are transparent and you can easily see all of their sales numbers, markets they are operating in, as well as their product categories. It seems ABB fits perfectly in our energy transition vision and most of their operations are in Western Europe. On top of that, they have dark green Obermatt Value ranks, which means they are good priced for the industries they operate in.

Dr. Stern believes that the record-high inflation rates can only be good for ABB, because of the rising prices for the machines they produce. Other analysts also suggest buying ABB, so the Obermatt investors of the Wikifolio are certain this is a good addition to the Obermatt Swiss Value portfolio.

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