February 24, 2022

How often are the Obermatt stock ranks refreshed?

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How often does Obermatt update the stock ranks? One of our investor guests wanted to know.

As stock prices update regularly - usually even hourly, this is the information we can update the most often: you can see this in the Value and Combined Obermatt Rank dates we publish in the login area. Almost all of the companies we cover have new ranks every four weeks.

What we can’t update all the time is the company’s balance sheet data. Most companies report quarterly, but some only do it yearly. This means that the Growth Rank can be more than 3 months old - sometimes even 15 months if we only get annual updates from companies, typically at a three months delay.

We do our best to deliver the freshest data available, but errors can happen - sometimes the data from our provider is unavailable or wrong and we have to manually fix this. If you notice a rank that seems out of place, feel welcome to double check with us by sending us an email.

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