March 5, 2021

Hermann on the Combined Rank at Obermatt

The Obermatt Combined Rank is sometimes a little confusing because it is not the average of the other three Value, Growth and Safety Ranks. This has a reason as Dr. Hermann J. Stern, developer of the Obermatt Method explains in this interview section.

If the Combined Rank were the average, it wouldn’t go from 1 to 100. Listing stocks by Combined Rank would then always start significantly below 100 which is less intuitive and is less useful for comparisons between different industries.

For this reason, the Combined Rank is a ranking of the average of the other ranks. This ranking stretches from 1 to 100 where 100 means that the company has a better average rank than all other companies in their industry.

We use the Combined Rank because you can’t rank on the three other ranks at the same time. The Combined Rank allows you to quickly find stocks manually where the other ranks may be high.

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