January 1, 2021

Obermatt CEO Hermann talks with his son Hermann about SwissLife, Vaudoise, Helvetia and Orell Füssli

The first son Hermann of Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann Stern started an apprenticeship at Credit Suisse as a banker this summer and just turned sixteen in November, a good age to start with retirement savings. I wish I had known.

Part of the apprentice's salary is invested and so is the birthday money for the sixteenth. How does Hermann junior go about it, what has he bought and what advice does his father give him? That's the subject of our latest videon (in German). Hermann junior, the fifth Hermann in the family history, has chosen Swiss stocks because for him the fees there are the most favorable. He bought SwissLife, Vaudoise, Helvetia and Orell Füssli shares. Why these stocks in particular, Hermann 4 and 5 discuss in the German video discussion.

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