June 12, 2020

Our stock purchase process is now the stock roundtable - quick - convincing - friendly

During the Corona break, we were able to implement the vision of a stock roundtable, which we had cherished for some time, in a simple and cost-effective way: Exchange of stock ideas via Zoom. In the meantime, we have already held three such webinars. The last one, on June 4, 2020, together with Daniel from Hanover and Véronique from London, a friend from Dr. Stern's student days, was the most exciting.

It was the first time he didn’t have a list of pre-prepared stock ideas. That wasn't necessary at all, because the companies mentioned at the virtual stock roundtable were all so good that Dr. Stern almost wanted to deviate from his principle "slowly in, slowly out - that's what safe investing is all about" and buy all six discussed stocks at once: Intel, HP, Schwab, Aviva, Allianz, AXA. Actually, Dr. Stern wanted to sell shares, because he thinks the general mood is far too optimistic. The only company he still bought in May is the Swiss bank UBS.

That's how he learned that it's not that easy to sell shares if you've thought carefully about why you want to buy them in the first place. All the stocks in Dr. Stern's first portfolio are now companies that he finds sensible. The consequence: He did not sell.

Instead he does what he always recommends: He only slowly goes into new stocks. The stocks discussed at the Stock Roundtable are exciting, but the general situation is sobering. If he waits a few months before buying, hardly anything is lost.

The important finding of the webinar was that this is by far the most efficient way to decide to buy new shares. You discuss your ideas and hear what others have to say about them. At the same time you gain good new ideas. This allows you to reflect on your own investment decision very quickly and comprehensively, which makes it much easier to choose the next stock. Learn more by viewing the video.

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