January 10, 2020

Second Obermatt stock investing roundtable pilot

In the second stock picking roundtable, Oli, Tomi, Anand and Obermatt CEO, Hermann Stern look at Swiss, Danish, UK and US firms in the areas of Asset Management, Construction, Energy Efficiency, Semiconductors, Security Logistics, examining such companies as Vontobel, Alston, Vestas (Mezzo), Estima and G4S.

Oli brought up the UK with Brexit on the horizon. Hermann explained, as most large companies are international and many do most of their business outside of the country of the home office, this is not a worry. And perhaps the Brexit stories are overly pessimistic.

Due to present thoughts on the state of the future, sustainability, environmentally favored companies and companies producing parts for future technology are of high interest.

Our stock-picking panel is comprised by people like you who are interested in more active control of their investment future. We do this in a simple and entertaining way by using the Obermatt method, adding some extra research and then sharing our picks and thoughts with the group. We welcome you to join us, participate, comment and profit from the experience.

Steady and slow with an eye towards the future is our motto. Together we invest step-by-step at our own pace without a huge time or financial investment or risk. If you would like to participate in a future stock investing roundtables, please, contact us at Obermatt.

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