September 27, 2018

Africa moves - that's why I buy the gold share IAMGOLD

The stock market correction is coming – Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann J. Stern is sure of it. That’s why he has been buying more gold stocks recently. For his next investment in this industry, he has created a ranking of the best stocks, based on their financial data:

Obermatt Gold stock analysis IAMGOLD

These numbers show that the company is better than the respective percentage of competitors in each area. The value rank of 65 for Centerra, therefore, means that the value of this stock is better than 65% of its competitors. You, therefore, get more for your money.

Centerra has a combined rank of 83, so they have better value, growth, and security than 83% of comparable stocks. This value is very high – the best among the listed gold producers. That’s why Dr. Stern has already bought Centerra.

The second-best stock is IAMGOLD – an acronym for "International African Mining Gold Corporation". And there is an interesting indicator that Africa might be doing much better than we think: the migrants. An expert on this topic explained it to Dr. Stern this way: people from different nations converge as they become more alike. People from Africa are making the journey to Europe because they like their chances there because they can imagine having a good life there. A migrant is a courageous, confident, resilient person who believes in himself and his abilities. Those that don’t fit this description stay where they are.

African migrants will open Africa to Europe, and Europe will benefit from that. Dr. Stern is convinced of that and that is why he invests in Africa and IAMGOLD. What are you investing in?

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