November 10, 2017

Investing in Tesla’s little brother, Cargotec

Tesla is not the only company that produces electric vehicles that can move autonomously on roads for extended periods of time. The Finnish transport service provider Cargotec has just launched an electric forklift that can cover a full shift with a single charge.

For me, this is the future, because employers are increasingly being held accountable for the health of their employees. Not only are electric vehicles quieter, they also don’t stink as much as gasoline-powered cars. In addition, electricity is cheaper than gasoline. Dr. Stern's trip to Arosa with his Tesla costs less than a cappuccino with a croissant in Zurich.

He came across Cargotec after realizing that he already owns all the interesting stocks in my personal top 10 list. So he looked at the latest index top 10 lists and found the OMX 25, which contains the best-ranked stocks from Finland.

Dr. Stern already owns number one, Nokia, so he buys the number two on the list, Cargotec, with a value rank of 96. In order to spend his weekly investment budget of USD 5,000, he buys 90 shares of Cargotec, a global company with around 10,000 employees.

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