August 18, 2017

When is the right time to invest in stocks?

In the first videos we found out that Michael Stadler of Osteopathy Central would like to invest in stocks to save for his retirement. Now he is obviously looking for the best time to enter the stock market.

As is Obermatt's CEO Dr. Stern! Unfortunately, there is no right time.

The best time to invest can only be determined after the fact. Of course, devoted investors spend a lot of time finding the right entry and exit time. Sometimes they are successful, but in most cases, this is only the case for a certain time.

Not even Warren Buffett thinks he knows the right time to invest. The big stock investor and best-selling author Peter Lynch even explains how every year, with 20 of the best investors on Wall Street, he’s been completely wrong in assessing the future market development.

The immense effort and the poor odds are not worth it for most people. Now the question arises why stock prices fluctuate so strongly.

The fluctuations do not come from mistakes in the past, but because new information is constantly added.

A reliable prediction is therefore impossible for you and for professional investors as well. This is because the markets are made up of people who are constantly interacting with each other and therefore constantly change their opinions and behaviors.

This is why stock prices fluctuate so strongly, not because mistakes are made.

If the atmosphere is bad because the markets have fallen, you should never forget one thing: they have already fallen. This means that the shares are cheaper than before.

The worst atmosphere could, therefore, be the best time to buy stocks. The best time to buy stocks does not exist. It is always just as good or just as bad to start investing in stocks.

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