June 23, 2017

Marine Harvest for a blue revolution

Our earth is called the blue planet because 70 percent of its surface is water. For the same reason, the strategy of the food corporation Marine Harvest is called Blue Revolution.

The fishing company from Norway correctly recognizes that we should eat more fish; not only because it's good for the brain, but also because it makes sense ecologically. As it suddenly got very wet in Belgrade after a heat spell, Milos is rightly worried that humans should do more for climate protection.

Obermatt video editor found the company on the Norwegian Top 10 List. For Obermatt CEO Dr. Stern, the company makes sense, because not only are the ranks excellent, but the subject of "food" will hardly be eliminated by robots. We don’t just eat in order to survive, but also because we enjoy it.

Dr. Stern buys 300 shares of Marine Harvest for just over 5,000 francs and he looks forward to investing in a sustainable business.

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