June 16, 2017

Milos buys Gemalto Security - me too

Obermatt video editor Milos wanted to choose the stock this week. He found Gemalto on the Top 10 List of the European climate leaders. The climate leader stocklists contain companies with CO2 emission levels that are above average for their industry. That alone is a good reason to invest in them.

However, Milos discovered a reason that is even more important. Gemalto specializes in IT security, a skill that has become very popular since the last WannaCry ransomware attack. The WannaCry creators are using this piece of malware to blackmail hospitals and public institutions that have failed to update their systems.

The demand won’t decline too quickly because people only care about security when they incur losses. Dr. Stern had to find out himself as the founder of e-mail security company UPAQ in the 90s. However, once the losses are there, it almost doesn’t matter what it costs. With the good value rank, we are on the right track at Gemalto.

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