April 7, 2017

RTL and Axel Springer now favorable thanks to Trump

Donald Trump has managed to achieve what many people thought was impossible: discrediting social news. Today, I only read news that I’m paying for or from sources whose editors I know. Facebook friends and Twitter accounts that send me content from dubious sources are immediately unfollowed.

It’s a golden age for media companies! This is an important trend.

How should Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube editors separate the truth from fabrication? Algorithms can help weed out some content, but in the end, I trust a human commentator more than a machine-generated website.

That's why I'm delighted to see two media companies appear on the MDAX Top 10 list: RTL, with a focus on video and expansion plans for Asia, and Axel Springer, with a unique Cold War history and a focus on paid news and paid classified ads.

Both strategies make sense to me - which makes the decision more difficult. Even after numerous Google searches and hot discussions during our coffee break, I still don’t know which stock I like better, RTL or Axel Springer?

So I’ll try something new, which is buying both stocks.

This is contrary to our principle of , but after 43 purchased stocks, I think we can make an exception. Besides, it’s just 10,000 out of 300,000 francs, which is only 3% that we’re investing in stocks this time.

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