March 3, 2017

Peugeot was the winner

When I bought Peugeot stocks last spring, there was a series of negative comments which appeared in an article in Inside Paradeplatz. The commentators did not question whether Peugeot was a good investment, but whether they liked Peugeot as a car. This is a completely different question.

Personally, I drive a Tesla, which to me is much more fun than driving a Peugeot. So, why did I buy the Peugeot shares? Because I expect the stock to provide a return, not because I want to drive their cars.

Before I start out with any new equity investment, I briefly look at my existing portfolio with the free Google Portfolio Spreadsheet.

In my second year of investment, the fourth column is green, meaning the portfolio is well diversified.

In the ranks, it looks different. Peugeot received a lower ranking, which makes me look a little stupid. But, when I compare it with the figures on Reuters, it looks more positive.

I would also recommend you make a comparison against our Obermatt rankings. If there are any discrepancies, we will further investigate the matter.

As you will see in the case of Peugeot, the company reports only bi-annually, which means that we were only able to process the figures for June 2016 at Obermatt.

I think we can leave our year two portfolio alone for the time being and start another new portfolio soon.

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