January 27, 2017

Why Obermatt for long-term buy-and-hold stock investing

Why Obermatt for stock investing? Because we make it easy for you. We do the number crunching so you can make quick and informed decisions.

We empower stock investors with the know-how and stock analysis they need to get started. We make our stock analysis easy to understand, even if you don't have a lot of financial knowledge. Because it's simple, it also saves you time when selecting stocks to invest in.

Obermatt sends you Top 10 stock lists from leading stock indices around the world, so that you can easily select the stocks for your own stock portfolio.

Maybe you have decided that investing in your own buy-and-hold stock portfolio is a good way to save for your retirement.

How can Obermatt help you and why should you use our services?

First, Obermatt will empower you as a non-professional investor by providing instructional videos and manuals so you can learn all you need to know about investing in individual stocks.

Second, Obermatt does all the financial analysis for you and organizes the results into a percentile ranking system that is easy to understand for anyone.

And third, Obermatt saves you time with our stock filter and Top 10 lists that help you choose your own investments quickly.

In summary, Obermatt shows you how to invest, crunches all the numbers for you, making them easy to read and understand, and saves you time with its stock filter and Top 10 lists.

We buy the stocks we discuss and openly publish the returns of our portfolio. That's how much we believe in our stock research. Subscribe to the top 10 stocks for 100 markets conveniently by e-mail.

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