Climate Leader Atlas Copco - not Nokia

The Obermatt Top 10 Climate Leaders stock list from December 11, 2015 contains a number of industrial conglomerates that are all solid businesses with a worldwide presence. For this reason, they are all good picks for a long-term, passive stock portfolio like the one that I maintain for my video blog.

I had a look at all the machine manufacturers and decided to buy Atlas Copco because it appeared less exposed to oil and gas and thus more diversified than the other machine builders on the Top 10 List. The Atlas Copco website showed a clear focus on sustainability as well as research and development. The company also has growth targets which are important for the long-term benefit of the stock price.

I decided against Nokia because it was not very clear where the company is heading after they sold their mobile phone business to Microsoft and their map business to three German automotive manufacturers. The one thing Nokia does right now is to promote a virtual reality camera called OZO that looks quite impressive. However, it is very difficult for an outsider to assess the prospects of this new product. This is why I decided to go for an investment in a larger, more diversified company.

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