January 15, 2021

Swiss family champion Kühne+Nagel now affordable on the stock exchange

Today Dr. Hermann J. Sterm, Obermatt CEO, found a share on the Custom Top 10 List for Obermatt Premium subscribers. The choice available this time was Swiss shares. What he particularly liked on that list was Kühne+Nagel.

The family-owned and publicly listed company is headquartered not far from where he lives and is considered a very well-run company. What is interesting about Kuehne & Nagel is that they have built their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and are developing it independently. Kuehne & Nagel also prefers to do the important things themselves, as do we self-investors.

Now, probably because of the pandemic, Kuehne & Nagel has exceptionally good Value Ranks, which have persuaded Dr. Stern to get in now. Because he is convinced that logistics will still be needed after the pandemic, even if a lot of things are now at a standstill internationally. There is no need to worry about the low price-to-book ratio. This is due to the business model, which makes do with few assets. So Stern is buying the Kuehne & Nagel shares, not least because of a great Obermatt Dividend Yield Rank of 83.

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