April 17, 2015

Unilever, Nestlé of the North

Nestlé is in everyone’s portfolio. Now is the time to look at Unilever.

The company which, similar to the competition from Vevey, has become a leading corporation with food, reached very promising results in our analysis – except for growth.

The other two factors in rating are outstanding. Compared to other stocks from the English FTSE 100, the evaluation of the securities is low and they are regarded as a safe investment. In total, Unilever reaches a combined rank of 100.

What distinguishes Unilever – just like Nestlé – are their world-famous brands. There are Knorr soups, Dove soaps, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

And there is a boss that the Swiss know. 8 years ago, the previous head of finance Paul Polman was a candidate for the CEO position at Nestlé but lost against Paul Bulcke. Shortly afterwards, the open and dynamic Polman took over the lead at Unilever.

The most recent news from the company have been positive. The early Easter business this year resulted in a good first quarter with almost 13 billion euros revenue, an increase of 12 percent.

If you take into account the currencies, then it was around 3 percent – still quite a lot for a large company such as Unilever.

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