April 4, 2024

Swiss Real Estate: Mobimo

Swiss Real Estate: Mobimo

Quick Facts

  • Developer and manager of residential and commercial properties in the French and German parts of Switzerland since 1999
  • Triple A (AAA) MSCI ESG Rating
  • The newest addition to the Obermatt Swiss Value Wikifolio


  • Positive industry outlook for the future and focus on innovation and sustainability
  • High equity ratio
  • Dividend yield of 3.87%


  • Real estate portfolio is invested solely in Switzerland ❌
  • Poor financial performance in 2023 ❌
  • Relatively high valuation of the share ❌

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Do you already have exposure to the Swiss real estate market? If not, Mobimo Holding, a Swiss real estate developer and management company, could be the right choice for you. It owns a diversified real estate portfolio valued at around CHF 3.6 billion, investing in residential and commercial properties. We’ve just added it to the Obermatt Swiss Value Wikifolio.

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Mobimo focuses on the development and management of properties in core Swiss markets (French and German parts of Switzerland). The company has a solid financial structure and a stable dividend policy, making it particularly attractive for long-term oriented investors looking for consistent returns. The company currently pays a dividend yield of 3.87% and plans to continue this way. The projects are financed almost 50% through equity, and the debt is solid and balanced, staggered over the coming years.

Moreover, Mobimo’s continuous focus on innovative and sustainable construction projects reflects a forward-looking management that takes economic, social, and ecological responsibilities seriously. In late April 2023, Mobimo issued a fixed-rate Green Bond for the first time, making a significant step towards sustainability management. This is reflected in the MSCI ESG Rating of Triple A (AAA). In a world where sustainability and innovation are increasingly important, Mobimo positions itself as a leading company capable of meeting current demands and actively shaping future trends in the real estate market. Thus, Mobimo offers an attractive investment opportunity for investors who value stability, innovation, and sustainability.

However, the company operates in a challenging environment. Construction and financing costs have been strongly influenced by volatile interest rates and inflation in recent years. Additionally, the rise of Work-from-Home significantly affects the commercial properties in the portfolio, leading to a CHF 62 million depreciation in 2023 in the area of commercial properties. This is reflected in the net profit, which has decreased by 65.5%. Mobimo, however, expects that interest rates have peaked and reductions are in sight. The first interest rate cuts have been made by the SNB (Swiss National Bank) and should help restore the company's profitability and growth. Furthermore, the shift back to the office from home office and the continued high immigration to Switzerland should have a positive effect on the business and residential properties.

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