Analysis drives Performance
Numbers can mislead. We help uncover your company’s true performance.

Master the corporate performance story

Many companies focus on profits and shareholder returns. While important, this tells more about the past than about future performance. To better understand a company’s future, financial performance indicators need to be evaluated not only relative to peers but also complemented with a broader perspective, including non-financial metrics. Today, they are often referred to as environmental, social and governance factors (ESG), areas that drive future corporate profits.

Companies use Obermatt to better assess and reward for their true performance. This comes in three forms.

The Strategy Index measures financial performance against a company’s peers to better assess how the company performs in its market as a basis for strategic decisions.

The Bonus Index allows companies to use Obermatt’s relative performance measure to compensate their executives for true performance.

The ESG Index helps companies add a non-financial, forward-looking view to their corporate performance story and compensation systems.