Implementing the Obermatt Bonus Index in your company

Implementing the Bonus Index in your company requires little change:

Everything else remains - if desired - the same:

A typical Bonus Index implementation requires three steps and less than two months:

For ongoing operations, Obermatt provides the indexed results on a quarterly basis so that executives know where they stand throughout the year.

Bonus Index Designs

Clients typically use one of three implementation designs:

There are published case studies of Bonus Index implementations in German from Zumtobel, SIKA, Beiersdorf and Symrise and Phoenix Solar. The Bonus Index has been discussed in the Economist, the Financial Times and on BBC World Service (audio). An English translation of Hermann Stern’s German book contribution on indexing performance and compensation is available for free on the Social Science Research Network.

To see how your bonus plan could look, Obermatt completes a complimentary simulation of your Bonus Index and compares it to your existing plan. Contact us to set a time for an appointment with our CEO.

You would like to hear this from our customers?

We will arrange personal contacts with people who have been satisfied with the bonus index system for years. From compensation chief (comp & ben) to the chairman - we have customers that are available to provide a reference.