Latest Top 10 Returns by Stock Focus

See how well Obermatt Top 10 Stocks in each Stock Focus stacked up for each investment strategy.

A Stock Focus is like a stock index but differs by using a specific focus on an investment topic such as ecological, social and governace criteria to define the stocks of that market.

Obermatt identifies the Top 10 Stocks in each Stock Focus on the investment strategies value, growth safety and combined. The ranks below show how well each investment strategy performed in each Stock Focus.

For example, a Stock Focus with a rank of 90 in the column Value means that the Top 10 Value Stocks in that Stock Focus have recently delivered a high return (or good "performance") for investors following the Value investment strategy. You find focus markets with a high proportion of stocks in each strategy in the Focus Market Research Profiles.

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Stock Index Top 10 Returns: Summary

Published: January 13, 2017. Focus market research is updated yearly. ()