2017 History of Obermatt insights

Here you find all Obermatt stock investing videos that we have published in 2017. You find the most recent videos on the Obermatt home page.

No contradiction: good product - bad stock

Portfolio too good to be true

Finance 101 for stocks

Investing in Tesla’s little brother, Cargotec

Buying Adecco: Good Swiss value and rare service stock

The biggest enemy of the stock investor: You yourself!

What stocks should you buy?

Securitas for a secure portfolio

Swiss pillar three burglary: Is the regulator sleeping?

How to start with stock investing

Ruby Returns from Barry Callebaut

Life planning with stock investing

Why you should trust poor stock markets

Dealing with stock fluctuations

When is the right time to invest in stocks?

Buying stock is easier than buying clothes

Stocks, bonds or real estate?

Saving for Retirement? An Osteopath asks questions

Errors in the stock account statement

Saint Gobain - head conquers gut instincts

The question marks in stock analysis

No stock for better diversification

Marine Harvest for a blue revolution

Milos buys Gemalto Security - me too

How novice investors choose good stocks

My Swedish Match

Industrials are cheap, buying SKF

Buying Carlsberg for its regional footprint

Doubling Philips

Fake News 3/3: Japan loses two decades

Fake News 2/3: PIGS countries Spain and Portugal just rubbish

Fake News 1/3: Italy is pure downfall

RTL and Axel Springer now favorable thanks to Trump

The Sky's the limit: Buying Meggitt in England

Buying Gamesa Wind Energy

Risks with the Obermatt rankings

Kudelski or Temenos? Financial facts say little

Peugeot was the winner

The beauty of the dividends

Stern's humble yet expert forecast for 2017

Success of Value Strategy in 2016 no indication for 2017

Wrong in F&W: “Value” markets no help for stock investor

Stock Investing Tutorial 6: Why Obermatt for long-term buy-and-hold stock investing

Stock Investing Tutorial 5: Why your own stock portfolio gives you all the upside of an Index Fund

Stock Investing Tutorial 4: Why your own stock portfolio is as safe as an index fund

Stock Investing Tutorial 3: Why you should not invest in an index fund

Stock Investing Tutorial 2: Why you should buy-and-hold when investing in stocks

Stock Investing Tutorial 1: Why you should invest in stocks for your retirement

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