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Analyses for better performance

Obermatt makes performance visible so you get more of it. Executives receive more corporate performance, investors receive more capital.

More corporate performance

Companies use Obermatt's indexed performance measurement to assess strategy execution and compensation of top performers.

Strategy Index: Growth-enhancing performance measurement

The Obermatt Strategy Index puts performance in perspective. Companies that have been using the Obermatt Strategy Index for more than a decade have three key benefits: Fewer performance barriers, better transparency, and more growth. * Strategy Index *

Bonus index: Compensation without bonus debates

The Obermatt Bonus Index ends the bonus debate. Executives receive stable compensation and shareholders accept it. Companies that have been using the Obermatt Bonus Index for many years have three major advantages: resilient pay-outs, no sandbagging, and more acceptance. * Bonus Index *

More capital for investors

Investors use Obermatt's equity research to build wealth either with an Obermatt asset management mandate or with their own portfolio.

Asset Management: More capital for investors

Obermatt's stock analyses evaluate stocks on a purely fact-based basis, without any subjective judgments. Investors using the Obermatt method have three major advantages: Higher returns, lower costs, and less risk. * Asset Management *