Obermatt Services

You want more performance?

Obermatt helps you recognize performance so you get more of it. Executives get more company performance. Investors receive more return on their invested capital.

More performance for the company

Companies use Obermatt's market-oriented performance measurement for the unadulterated measurement method for strategy controlling and more stable executive compensation.

Strategy Index: Growth-promoting performance measurement

With Obermatt’s Strategy Index, performance is put into perspective. Companies recognize where growth and restructuring projects are heading, even if the markets are clearly cyclical or far from home base. Companies that have been applying the Obermatt Strategy Index have three main advantages:

  1. More ambition: Performance impairing target and budget negotiations are mitigated as sandbagging loses its importance.
  2. Better overview: Less well-known markets and regions become more transparent thanks to comparisons with regional and segment data.
  3. More growth: Over-emphasis on cost-cutting programs is mitigated by the growth-oriented performance measurement.

These advantages lead to higher performance orientation in the company, which suffers when target and budget-based controlling procedures are implemented.

Bonus Index: Compensation without bonus debates

With Obermatt's Bonus Index, the bonus debates are over. Executives receive more stable payouts and shareholders can better understand these payments. The proxy advisors also use the indexed performance measurement method, on which the Obermatt Bonus Index is based, for the assessment of executive compensation. Companies that have been applying the Obermatt Bonus Index have three main advantages:

  1. Stable payments: Payments to executives are largely stable over the years as indexed performance fluctuates less than budget or target comparisons or the change to the previous period.
  2. No sandbagging: Sandbagging in goal- and budget-setting processes diminishes because the remuneration no longer depends on it.
  3. Broad acceptance: Compensation results are better accepted internally because they do not depend on subjective target negotiations.

These benefits lead to more satisfied employees and neutralize the greatest errors of goal- or budget-based remuneration procedures.

More return for investors

Investors use Obermatt's stock ratings for higher capital accumulation either as a self-investors or through an asset manager such as Obermatt.

Obermatt asset management: Higher returns

With Obermatt's asset management you get more returns with lower risks. Obermatt uses proven principles to assess stocks on the basis of financial facts, without any subjective judgment. Private and institutional investors applying the Obermatt Method in their asset management benefit from three main advantages:

  1. Lower cost: The Obermatt method allows the use of the low cost indexing method. You build your own market, and it's more smartly weighted than an index.
  2. Less risk: Portfolios are broadly based and shares are equally weighted, since this leads to less risk.
  3. Higher returns: The Obermatt method, based on key financial metrics, leads to higher returns because the long-term financial facts determine the value of a stock. Using these facts to invest provides an outperformance in the long-term.

These advantages lead to higher returns with the lowest possible risk and effort for the investor. Contact us for a quote or first check your financial situation, for example, with ZWEI Wealth Management.

Private pension: more capital through self-management

With Obermatt Premium, you will receive tailor-made stock lists every four weeks, so you yourself can quickly and reliably invest with the Obermatt method without any additional help. Self-directed investors benefit from the same advantages as investors who pass on their asset management to Obermatt. They have the advantage of saving more on costs, since asset management does not have to be paid for. Start today, because the earlier you start, the more money you will have when you retire. If you do not want to do it yourself, then we will do it for you - at reasonable terms. Contact us for a quote.