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CEO of the Year - Switzerland

Each year, Obermatt evaluates the large companies in Switzerland to uncover the best of the best. Unlike other rankings, Obermatt’s “indexed” approach judges performance not in absolute figures but rather compared with the company’s peers. This is the only way to identify the true performers.

Obermatt's rankings are based on indexed performance and thus independent of subjective opinions and the effects of external economic factors. They enable an objective and independent comparison of executive performance and executive remuneration and compensation.

The better a company and its CEO performs in the ranking, the higher its position in the Obermatt Ranking.

The complete results appear online and as part of the CEO of the Year magazine.

CEO of the Year 2013

The CEO of the Year Magazine 2013 was published on 20 June 2013 as a supplement to the Swiss financial paper Handelszeitung. Order the magazine here.

Rankings 2013

CEO of the Year 2012

The CEO of the Year Magazine 2012 was published by Obermatt on 26 September 2012 in the Finanz und Wirtschaft financial newspaper. Order the magazine at a price of 18 CHF (plus shipping costs) here.

Rankings 2012


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